Stonelick Township
Clermont County, Ohio


Skeets Humphries, Trustee

Skeets has been a resident of Stonelick Township since 1985. Prior to living in Stonelick Township, Skeets lived in the Village of Newtown where he served as Firefighter and Councilman. He is married to Pam and has two sons, Zac (a graduate of Clermont Northeastern) and Eli (current CNE High School student).

Skeets began his volunteer service in the township as a firefighter. He resigned from the fire department to serve as trustee. Skeets has served as Stonelick Township Trustee since 1997. His commitment to this position led to his completed certification from the Leadership Academy through the National Association of Towns and Townships.

Skeets serves Stonelick Township as a pro-active leader and has followed through on many major projects to improve township service and communication to residents. A few examples of his impact on the township are regular office hours open to the community, updated zoning resolution, completed Land Use Plan, originated policy and procedures plan for township employees, expanded Stonelick Township cemetery, instrumental in the organization of the Stonelick Township Fire Department and purchase of property for new fire station. He also led the campaign, along with the township maintenance department, to improve roads through aggressive ditch and culvert improvements and wider clearing of growth along township roadways to allow better drainage and visibility.

Skeets continues to serve Stonelick Township while looking toward the future. He strives to direct the growth in Stonelick Township to preserve the rural atmosphere.



P.O. Box 37 | 457 South Broadway | Ownesville, OH 45160 | (513) 732-3299