Stonelick Township
Clermont County, Ohio



Land Use Plan:

The Stonelick Township Growth Management Plan is designed to guide the Township’s future growth, development, and enhancement by providing a clear statement of the community’s preferred future characteristics. The Plan provides a foundation for the community’s future decisions by helping the community understand its existing conditions and likely future events, recognize and establish its image, evaluate its opportunities for reaching that image, and develop the tools necessary to implement the recommendations resulting from that image.

Zoning Resolution: October 14, 2004 - Amended January 6, 2017

Zoning Map: click here to download the 2009 Zoning Map

Zoning Inspector:

  • Lee Ottaway is our Zoning Inspector.
  • You can reach him by telephone at 513-732-3299

Zoning Fees: click here to download this Fee Schedule

Zoning Commission:

The Stonelick Township Zoning Commission has five members and two alternate appointed by the Board of Trustees. All members must be residents of Stonelick Township. The Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Trustees on issues relating to planning and zoning. The Stonelick Township Zoning Commission meets on an as needed basis.

Zoning Commission Members:

  • Eric Averwater, Chair
  • Anders Juel
  • Kevin Haynes
  • Paul DuChemin
  • Lexi Ford, 1st Alternate
  • Marcus Rose, 2nd Alternate

Board of Zoning Appeals:

The Stonelick Township Board of Zoning Appeals has five members appointed by the Board of Trustees. All members must be residents of Stonelick Township. This Board is responsible for hearing and deciding appeal cases when a resident or business feels the requirements of the Zoning Resolution are too restrictive and create a hardship in the use of their property. The Board also hears Conditional Use cases and determines the "conditions" to be applied on each individual case. The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on an as needed basis.

Zoning Board of Appeals Members:

  • Greg Esz, Acting Chair
  • Jerry Brown, Secretary
  • Edwin Averwater
  • Charles Tassell
  • Steven Simms, Alternate
  • Patricia McConnell-Stephen, Alternate


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